One Republican’s Thoughts on Healthcare

I’ll be honest (even at the risk of being insulted by the social media world)…

My heart hurts this morning for all my friends who are worried regarding the future of their health needs. I get it. Our family has faced both cancer and autism. And we are fortunate in that we have a tremendous insurance plan through my employer. I couldn’t imagine where we would be right now if we didn’t have insurance.

I know we all have a lot of strong opinions on this matter. (I know I do.) But In the end I hope that we can look beyond partisan interests and remember the big picture… It is “We the People.” Your hurt is my hurt. Your pain is my pain. May I never allow the “R” or “D” on my voter-registration card to blind me to the needs of others. We need real solutions for the problems we face as a nation. In my humble opinion, that will only happen when we stop seeing “them” and start seeing only “us.”

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